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Curriculum Vitae – John Knight






Langley College of further education

Part-time study. ONC in Physical Sciences. Three of the four subjects passed with distinction.


University of Southampton

First class honours degree in chemistry awarded with a prize for being the top final year student.


University of Southampton

PhD under the supervision of Philip Parsons. Four publications resulted.


Columbia University

Post-doctoral work with Prof Gilbert Stork under a NATO Fellowship.

Work Experience





Glaxo Group Research, Ware

Initially employed in medicinal chemistry, I moved to process research and development after four years. Within PRD I was involved in three main projects, one of which I scaled from <1g through pilot plant to full manufacture at a separate site at >100kg scale.


Oxford Asymmetry (now Aptuit)

The primary remit was to work with a consultant engineer to design and build and then to manage the company’s first pilot plant. The first chemistry project was completed successfully within 15 months of joining the company. I then had a major input into the concept for the design of a larger plant, which came on stream in 2001. The two plants still run based on operating principles I originally implemented.


Vernalis (formerly Cerebrus)

A small pharmaceutical discovery company, I joined to establish and run the process research and development activities and manage supply of APIs through contractors.

2000-December 2007

Evotec (now Aptuit UK)

I re-joined Oxford Asymmetry (Evotec) following lack of financial backing for Vernalis. I returned to the company in the role of Process Research and Development Manager. I was responsible for the PRD projects at Evotec and wrote the vast majority (>90%) of the PRD project proposals. Since returning to Evotec in 2000, I improved the working practices, resulting in better transfer of technology to the pilot plants and established a group to investigate polymorphism and selection of preferred salt forms for APIs.

2008 -December 2015

Scientific Update

As Scientific Director I provided consultancy advice to clients as well as assist in running conferences and presenting training courses in the area of chemical process development.

I have been engaged to work on patent litigation cases, often as a fact witness having supervised synthesis operations at contract laboratories.

January 2015 – Present

Jkonsult Ltd.

I started Jkonsult Ltd. following the restructuring of Scientific Update.  I provide consultancy advice to clients including staff development and organisational advice, as well as continue to work with ex-colleagues at Scientific Update Ltd. to deliver their training courses.


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“Our company has worked with John Knight for many years and values the long-term knowledge he has acquired of our manufacturing processes. We appreciate his in-depth expertise in API manufacture and GMP particularly with respect to development of processes from early stage towards commercial. We value John’s timely review, his willingness to work on short notice and his proactive approach to seek further knowledge or directly interact with contractors on our behalf.”