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International Reputation and Reach

Jkonsult was founded and is owned by Dr John Knight, a highly regarded organic chemist with 8 years experience in the major pharma arena followed by 14 years in the CRO arena, John has been providing consultancy services since 2008. As a result, John has a great blend of sound chemistry and excellent process development skills combined with pragmatism, keen delivery mentality and commercial awareness. This experience is further augmented by well-developed cultural understanding as a result of working with clients and suppliers around the world (USA, Europe, India, Australia, China and Japan) since the late 1990’s.

Bristol University – Visiting Industrial Professor

Since April 2016 I have been a visiting Industrial Professor associated with the chemistry department at Bristol University. In this role I provide training  and career insights to post-gradate chemists as well as input to development of the doctorate training course.