What We Do

We ensure solutions are appropriate to the degree of urgency and phase of development of your specific target(s).

Our years of experience enable you to design cost effective, safe, efficient and scalable routes to new chemical entities and support the scale-up of your existing laboratory processes.

JKonsult consultants assist clients devising improved or alternative synthetic routes to ensure our clients have a reliable supply of increasing quantities of important materials.

We provide advisory, review and critique support for project development. Our consultants continue to work with our clients (or client contractors) to ensure safe, scalable and cost-effective processes that comply with regulatory requirements.

JKonsult provides expertise in chemical development of fine chemicals, intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients including synthetic route design and evaluation, process development and scale-up…….

Chemical Process Development Of Small Molecules

JKonsult provide pragmatic and phase-appropriate scientific, technical, and strategic advice for the development of new chemical entities that are in the preclinical and early clinical stages of development through……..

Clinical Development Cmc Support

JKonsult provide guidance on the requirements to screen for and select the preferred salt (or co-crystal) version and subsequent studies to evaluate the polymorphic landscape ……

Salt Selection Polymorphism And Crystallisation

JKonsult consultants are highly experienced as teachers and mentors, with an excellent track record in developing and mentoring staff. Our consultants are often engaged to support ……

Staff Development Mentoring Training